Security and Steel-Framed Gates in Lewes
Why Galvanised Steel is a Popular Choice for Our Clients

Protecting our steel components from corrosion, the galvanising procedure is vitally important to us at Forge The Way Ltd. This method promotes longer-lasting durability which increases the toughness of our automated gates, steel-framed gates, security gates and bespoke metal gates. Our domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Lewes and the surrounding areas know they are purchasing top-quality products when having gates and one-off metal designs installed by our professional steel fabricators. 

Take a look around you. Galvanised steel is everywhere. 

Bridges, buildings, motorway gantries, handrails and balustrades… the product surrounds our everyday lives. And, in modern times, it’s even used in art installations and sculptures.

What Makes Galvanised Steel a Wise Choice?

The following advantages encourage this product to stand out from the rest:

Tough and Durable

Despite the galvanised coating measuring the same thickness as a sheet of paper, the material can last a century or more – depending on its environment and locality. With no chance of rust affecting the steel beneath, your gates will last well into the next generation.

A True Winner!

Your automated gates and steel-framed gates will be fully protected from the moment our steel fabricators complete the galvanising process. As the coating merges with the steel, rather than lying on top of it, the security gates and bespoke metal gates our steel fabricators manufacture are instantly shielded from harsh external environments.

Less Maintenance

Due to the strength of the galvanised coating, there is little need for preservation. This keeps costs and maintenance levels low as there won’t be any rust issues to address. In turn, the savings you’ll experience can be used more productively elsewhere within your Lewes home or premises.

Complete Coverage

The process doesn’t allow for parts of the gates or bespoke metal works to be missed. Every angle of the steel will be chip-resistant and protected against impact. This is what our clients want – long-lasting, solid and dependable gates. And we deliver exactly that.

Did you know?

It is possible to cover a galvanised surface with a secondary powder-coated finish? This will provide a double layer of durable protection, guaranteeing your automated gates, security gates, bespoke metal gates and steel-framed gates will withstand every external factor and severe weather conditions. This is also a popular choice for:

Steel Sheds 



Commercial Garages

For further information about this process, or the combination of the two, talk to our steel fabricators at our Lewes premises. All methods are carried out under strict safety conditions, and we adhere to the most up-to-date health and safety guidelines.

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