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What is Plasma Cutting and How Does it Benefit Our Services?

One of the many tools used by our steel fabricators at Forge The Way Ltd, along with top-of-the-range welding equipment, saws and angle grinders, are plasma cutters. Not found in your average domestic tool box, we thought we’d explain more about this invaluable equipment and the part it plays in the manufacture of our bespoke metal gates, steel-framed gates, security gates and automated gates for our clients in Horsham, Lewes and the surrounding areas.

First of all, let us clarify what plasma actually is.

A Brief Explanation

Existing in almost every visible sector of the universe, plasma is regarded as the fourth state of matter after the more commonly known solids, liquids and gases. It’s a superheated substance, glowing as stars and nebulas, and apparent in the auroras above both poles. 

More commonly, we are aware of it in our television screens, neon signs, and fluorescent bulbs. Superheated gases will turn into plasma as well, with its component atoms constantly clashing against each other. When met with an electrical or magnetic field, the plasma will behave like a liquid and flow accordingly. 

Finally, just over half of our blood is made up of plasma which is responsible for the flow and distribution of nutrients, proteins and hormones to various parts of our bodies. Read on to find out how plasma is used by our steel fabricators to manufacture:

Bespoke Metal Gates

Steel-Framed Gates

Automated Gates 

Security Gates

Plasma in Steel Fabrication

Plasma cutters are used in the thermal cutting process. Suitable for metals ranging in thickness up to 150mm, they are the best product to use for precision cutting and are considered more efficient. They’re also a lot quieter than angle grinders, saws and power tools. 

Plasma cutters operate via a thermal cutting method, i.e. they melt the metal rather than cutting it. The cutters use compressed air, or a variety of other gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen or argon to create plasma by ionising the relevant gases.

The cutter emits an electric arc through the compressed gas which increases the temperature of the gas until it becomes plasma as we know it. From there, the liquid flows through the cutting head and melts the metal in place. 

Not only is this a cleaner way to cut the steel required for Forge The Way’s bespoke metal gates, steel-framed gates, automated gates and security gates, it’s a more efficient way with faster turnarounds for our domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Horsham and the neighbouring localities.

Due to the electrical charge involved in the process, our steel fabricators ensure the metal is grounded appropriately.

It’s a cutting method which requires training and high levels of concentration. Our team is fully experienced in the use of plasma cutters and adheres to all safety requirements.

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