Automated Gates in Haywards Heath
The Benefits of Having Our Steel Fabricators Install These Automated Systems at Your Home or Premises

Gone are the days when automated gates gave an air of exclusivity or illusiveness to a property. Now they are considered stylish, and very popular amongst a wide range of our clients in Haywards Heath, Horsham and the surrounding areas. Regardless of their composition, size or design, they have many advantages which we’ll discuss here.

Based in Lewes, Forge The Way Ltd is a bespoke metal fabrication company which designs, manufactures and installs a range of steel-framed gates, bespoke metal gates, security gates and automated gates to suit domestic, commercial and industrial properties across East and West Sussex, Kent and Surrey. Our professional steel fabricators also offer bespoke metal works which include patio furniture and ornate installations.

Why You Should Choose Automated Gates

We’ve listed the most common reasons why these are in demand throughout the areas we cover. For further information, or to arrange an onsite visitation from us, contact our team on 01444 523704 or 07570 287288.


First of all, you don’t want to be jumping out of a car in the pouring rain to open your driveway gates. And what about frosty mornings when you’re more likely to slip on the frozen ground? For our older clients in Haywards Heath, pushing and pulling heavy timber or metal gates is not a safe idea either. Automated systems keep you dry and injury free.


A relevant point for all domestic, commercial and industrial units, mechanical gates allow you to control who enters your home or premises. Not only will this deter unfavourable characters, you can be further assured that your property, possessions, staff and visitors are safer behind our fully automated gates and security gates.


First impressions last with potential buyers so having a lawn and property exterior which are both well cared for is essential. Add to that our stylish bespoke metal gates or steel-framed gates with a range of timber inserts, and you’ll be well on the way to selling your home in Haywards Heath or the surrounding areas.


Not only do they prevent unwanted visitors from entering a property, our range of automated gates, steel-framed gates and security gates shield your Haywards Heath home from prying eyes. During the warmer months this allows you to enjoy the entire garden, both front and back, without nosy neighbours watching your every move, or passers by taking note of what you’re doing.

Beautiful to look at, and practical to use, each of our automated, steel-framed, and bespoke metal gates are built to last and make a statement.

When you choose to have your gates manufactured by our steel fabricators, you know you’ll be making the right decision.

Forge The Way – Metal Made Beautiful

For further information regarding the automated gates our steel fabricators make for clients in Haywards Heath or the surrounding areas, contact us on 01444 523704 or 07570 287288.